46 Fun Educational Games To Engage Online K-12 Students

The internet is literally full of educational games for children.  There is so much variety that it is very time consuming to go through them and pick out the good ones. This article will save you the time finding some good games that are based on educational curriculum.

For each of these games I have provided the following:

  • Description
  • Age Range
  • Category
  • Website Link

I have gone through over 300+ games on the web and in the Educational Game Hubs and tested them to save you all that time and here are some of my favorites for you to look at.  These will help the kids have fun and reward them for good work while reinforcing learning.

For your convenience, I’ve also included some popular Educational Gaming Hubs at the top of the list so that you can review new games as they are released.

Game Hubs

1.  National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is another awesome Game Hub for fun kid games. This is not particularly a game but rather lots and lots of games. These games are very well built and filled with information about history.

National Geographic Game Hub

2.  Education.com

Educational games for kids hosts more than 300 online games. Designed collaboratively with teachers, this site gives good control over the games for teacher’s better engagement with the students.  The site offers a wide variety of games for all educational categories.           

Kids’ Early Learning Game Hub

3.  PBS Kids

This is another favored game hub with many curriculum-based games on well know franchises and shows.  These games are suitable for children aged up to 13yo.

PBS Game Hub

4.  Fun Brain

This another favorite game hub where you can find many games to reinforce your classroom learning.

Fun Brain Kids Game Hub

5.  Turtle Diary

Lots more games for students of all levels that are a little more graphically engaging.

Turtle Diary Game Hub

NOTE: There are many more game hubs you can choose from and just do a search in Google for “Educational Game Hubs”.

Individual Games

1.  Minecraft Education edition

Kids love Minecraft. Minecraft Education edition takes that to the next level. It is designed specifically for classroom integration. This version has special features for classroom control, communication, and many more tools for better course management. It lets the kids show their creativity and improve their problem-solving skills throughout the game.

Best suited for Grades: K-12

Category: STEM

Minecraft: Education Edition

2.  Prodigy Math

This is a math games platform that provides math games specifically for each student. Through their machine learning algorithms, the game adjusts the difficulty according to the user to maximize their learning experience.

Best suited for Grades: K-6

Category: Math

Prodigy Math

3.  Zeus The Mighty

Help Zeus climb Olympus. You must answer questions about ancient Greek history throughout the game. This is one of the best games by National Geographic Kids.

Best suited for Grades: 1-12

Category: History

Zeus the Mighty Game

4.  Nerd A to Z

Like puzzles? This game from National Geographic Kids will sure give a challenge. It will help build up the problem-solving skills of your toddler.

Best suited for: K-12

Category: Puzzle

Nerd A to Z Personality Quiz

5.  On the Trail of Captain John Smith

This is probably the most popular game on National Geographic Kids. Join Captain John Smith on his adventures in the year 1607! Learn history and the hardships of that era throughout the game.

Best suited for Grades: K-12

Category: History

On the Trail of Captain John Smith 26          

6.  Dung Beetle Derby

This game is filled with physics puzzles. Improve your logic skills by clicking objects in the correct order. The game shows fun facts about dung beetles as you play along.

Best suited for grades: K-8

Category: Science

Dung Beetle Derby

7.   Recycle Roundup

Help clean up the park! Your job is to sort the stuff people throw away and put it in the proper bin. Is it recycling, compost, or trash? Get facts about climate change and tips on how you can help save the earth as you play along.

Best suited for Grades: K-4

Category: Social awareness, Environment

Recycle Roundup

8.  Crack The Code

Decipher secret codes as a 12-year-old and fight off villains. Use your logic and problem-solving skills to solve mysteries.

Best suited for grades: 4-12

Category: Puzzles

Crack the Code

9.  Bug Bash

Match three bugs in a row to clear them away. Get fun facts about bugs while clearing them away.

Best suited for grades: K-4

Category: Science

Bug Bash Game        

10.              Country Toad

Learn about the capitals of different countries around the world. Jump to the correct country according to its capital.

Best suited for Grades: 2-6

Category: Geography

Country Toad

11.              The Time Tribe

Travel back in time and unveil the secrets of a clan. Collect relics and learn about the past.

Best suited for Grades: 2-8

Category: History, Geography

The Time Tribe

12.              Bridge Builder Addition

A simple addition game for kids. You have to find out the least number of blocks to build a bridge by using basic addition.  This game comes with the option to directly link the game to your Google Classroom.

Bests suited for Grades: K-4

Category: Math, Addition

Bridge Builder Addition          

13.              Don’t Gross Out The World

Dont Gross Out the World is back! Learn about dining customs from around the world in this updated version of one of Funny Brains classic games

Best suited for Grades: 4-8

Category: Culture

Don’t Gross Out the World

14.              Tynker

Teach your child the basics of programming. This website is engaging with their coding lessons set up as games.

Best suited for grades:3-8

Category: Programming, Technology

Tynker: Coding for Kids

15.              Geoguessr

Guess places around the world with Geoguessr. You can also test your skills with images of famous places and identify them to unlock new levels.

Best suited for grades: 4-8

Category: Geography

GeoGuessr – Let’s explore the world!

16.               Grammar gorillas

This is a good game to test your English grammar in a fun way.

Best suited for Grades: 1-4

Category: Grammar, Parts of speech, Words

Grammar Gorillas

17.              Boat Coordinate

Find out the exact coordinate to guide your boat to catch a fish. If you are teaching the Cartesian Coordinate system, this game might be a particularly good way to show students how it works.

Best suited for Grades: 3-6

Category: Math, Geometry, Coordinate system

Boat Coordinate

18.              2048

One of the most common and popular games for kids and adults alike. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge to form a number twice as big. The goal being to make it to 2048.  This game comes with the option to directly link the game to your Google Classroom.

Best suited for Grades: 2-6

Category: Math, Puzzle

2048 – Fun, Free Number Puzzle

19.              Word Turtle

Word turtle is a crossword game where you can add custom words from many popular childrens books. The list of books you can add words from includes:

  Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling

Where the Wild Things Are

by Maurice Sendak

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

by Eric Carle

The House at Pooh Corner

by A. A. Milne

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

by Beatrix Potter

The Mitten

by Jan Brett

The Jungle Book

by Rudyard Kipling

The Wizard of Oz

by Frank L. Baum

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

by C.S. Lewis

King Arthur


by Mary Shelley


by Brian Jaques


by Edgar Rice Burrows

Best suited for Grades: 3-7

Category: Word, Grammar

Word Turtle – a game on Funbrain

20.              SpellaRoo

Identify the misspelled words as a quick spelling test.

Best suited for Grades: 4-8

Category: Spelling, Vocabulary


21.              What’s The Point

Another game to test out simple graphing coordinate skills. The game offers 3 levels of easy, medium, and hard.

Best suited for Grades: 4-5

Category: Math, Geometry, Coordinate System

What’s the Point?

22.              Number Cracker

A quite difficult puzzle game to find out patterns in a number series. The game shows a number series, you must calculate and find the next correct number to complete the series. The game becomes insanely hard to crack the series in super brain mode.

Best suited for Grades: 6-8

Category: Math, Puzzle, Series

Number Cracker

23.              Paint and Make

A very simple paint by numbers for younger students to start understanding basic colors.

Best suited for grades: K-4

Category: Art

Paint and Make

24.              The Periodic Table

Test your chemistry skills with this game. Identify the symbol or the full name of the element on the periodic table. Helpful for memorizing the periodic table.

Best suited for Grades: 6-8

Category: Chemistry, Science

The Periodic Table

25.              The Plural Girls

You must select the correct plural form of the word. It’s good for developing your child’s vocabulary skills.

Best suited for Grades: 4-8

Category: Vocabulary, Spelling, Grammar

The Plural Girls

26.              Test-n-Teach

This is a great game for testing students English listening skills.  It speaks a word and then uses it in a sentence and you have to type in the work.  Very similar to a spelling bee.

Best suited for Grades: K-5

Category: Spelling, Typing, Vocabulary


27.              Grammar Bees

The game shows some sentences. You must choose the correct verb to complete each sentence. Good for teaching the right form of verbs.

Best suited for Grades: 1-3

Category: Grammar, Spelling

Grammar Bees

28.              Bumble Numbers

A quick addition game with a timer.  You use a bee to collect a number and drop it on the right flower that has an addition that adds up to the number you have collected.

Best suited for Grades: K-3

Category: Math, Addition

Bumble Numbers

29.              Stay Afloat

This game is a boat version of hang man where the boat fills with each wrong answer.

Best suited for Grades: 4-8

Category: Math, Addition

Stay Afloat

30.              Thinking Blocks Addition

With this game you can give some simple math logic problems for students in a step by step approach.  This game comes with the option to directly link to your Google Classroom.

Best suited for Grades: 4-6

Category: Math, Addition, Puzzle

Thinking Blocks Addition and Subtraction

31.              Measure It

A simple game to teach children to use rulers in Inches and CMs.

Best suited for Grades: 1-3

Category: Math, Counting, Numbers

Measure It!

32.              Cake monster

A very simple game that gets children to guess the distance between two numbers.

Best suited for Grades: K-1

Category: Math, Counting, Numbers

Cake Monster

33.              Shape invasion

Basic geometric shapes like squares, circles, triangles will fall from above. You must align the characters accordingly. This game is good for testing basic geometry skills.

Best suited for Grades: K-3

Category: Math, Geometry

Shape Invasion

34.              Count me to sheep

An amazingly easy game to teach counting. A voice guides the player throughout the whole game.

Best suited for Grades: K-1

Category: Counting, Math

Play Fun Games for Kids

35.              Factor Pair Up

Multiply quickly before your opponent does and guess the product of your opponent.  This game comes with the option to directly link the game to your Google Classroom.

Best suited for Grades: 4-5

Category: Math, Multiplication

Factor Pair Up

36.              Canoe Puppies

An addictive game where you add numbers together quickly to row your boat faster. This is also a multiplayer game so you can play with your friends.  This game comes with the option to directly link the game to your Google Classroom.

Best suited for Grades: 3-5

Category: Math, Addition

Canoe Puppies Addition

37.              Pizza Pandas

This is a multiplayer pizza game. You must pick the correct fraction quickly to get those slices.

Best suited for Grades: 3-5

Category: Math, Fractions

Pizza Pandas – Fractions

38.              Algebraic Reasoning

A tricky game that helps students understand basic algebra.  It will need some explaining to your students as the instructions are a hard to understand.

Best suited for Grades: 4-8

Category: Math, Puzzle, Algebra

Algebraic Reasoning

39.              High stakes heist

Use your math skills to complete the heist. The game is solving some basic equations with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You have to solve equations before the time runs out.  It shows them the basic order of precedence.

Best suited for Grades: 4-6

Category: Math

High-Stakes Heist – Learn Order of Operations

40.              Money Adding

This is a USA simple currency game that shows students to associate coins and simple notes with what they need to buy items in a vending machine style game.

Best suited for Grades: K-2

Category: Units of measurement, Math

Money Adding

41.              Word Ladder

This a basic word association game with pictures and words. You have to fill out the missing letters in the words. It starts with simple 3 letter words and gets harder throughout the game.

Best suited for Grades: K-2

Category: Vocabulary, Spelling

Word Ladder Game

42.              Space Typing

It’s a typing testing game. Type the words in to stop the aliens from landing and allowing you to refuel your rocket and take off.

Best suited for Grades: 2-6

Category: Spelling, Typing

Space Typing

43.              Number Detective

A number guessing game that uses simple logic for you to figure out the number with some clues provided to you.

Best suited for Grades: K-2

Category: Math, Puzzles

Number Detective

44.              Suffixes

It’s important to understand suffixes properly. Suffixes provide an interactive and fun way to understand grammar properly. The game teaches what suffixes are, how to use them, and what they mean. It also shows examples with sentences for better understanding.

Best suited for Grades: 2-5

Category: Vocabulary, Grammar, Suffixes


45.              Human Body Parts

Interact with the human body. Learn about different parts of the body through this game.

Best suited for Grades: 2-6

Category: Biology

Human Body Parts Game

46.              Recycling for kids

A quick intuitive game for kids to manage garbage. You must store trash in 3 different boxes
Compost: For organic waste.
Recycle: For recyclable trash.
Trash: For unusable waste.
Throw the garbage in the correct box to score and level up.

Best suited for Grades: K-2

Category: Social awareness, Environment

Reduce Reuse Recycle Game

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