Can Teachers Tell If I Cheat On Moodle?

Moodle is the most used open-source learning management system and probably what your school or university uses.  This article will discuss if Teachers can see when you cheat on your exams when on Moodle.

Can Teachers Tell If I Cheat On Moodle?  No, they can not see if you cheat on a quiz on moodle and they don’t know if you have the content open while answering the questions.  Proctored exams force you to install software on your local which may monitor your screen, your webcam and your microphone.

Here are some other interesting things you will definitely want to know when taking your quiz or exam on Moodle.

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Can Teachers See What You Do On Moodle?

Since everything for Moodle is done in your browser that is the extent of what they can monitor.  They can not see what you do in other tabs on your browser or anything you do on your without installing software directly to your.

They can however see what pages you visit and when and see how much of the training material you have completed.  For a full description see the article below.

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How Do Teachers Try To Stop Cheating On A Moodle Quiz?

There are multiple ways teachers try to stop students cheating on a moodle quiz.  Firstly they can have a question bank of answers typically the same question in 5 different ways so students sitting next to each rarely get the same questions.  It also means when you take the exam again you will get another random set of questions.

Next they will limit the time per question to force you to answer quickly and have no time to look up the answer.  They can ask you the same question in different ways to check your understanding of the topic.

They can change the style of the questions from a simple true or false to a single selection multiple answer.  This is often shown as option boxes.  Then the hardest type of answer type is the multiple choice with multiple answers which is commonly shown as check boxes where you have to select all the right answers to get the mark.

Can Moodle See If You Leave The Exam?

Yes it can and this is needed to know how long you took on the exam as well as to stop the exam if you get disconnected for any reason so you can complete the exam later.  This can be done with a bit of code on the page or as a web page session timeout.  

The web session timeout can be 10-20 mins and so it is wise to logout of an exam if you want to complete it later and have the rest of the time on the exam rather than just closing the tab or browser.

If you were really asking if you could look at other stuff on the internet at the same time as completing an exam or quiz then the answer is Yes.  If they have not forced you to install some Protocoring or Exam software directly to your computer then they can only monitor the open tab in the browser.  You could just open another browser and research there.

Can Moodle Record You In An Exam?

Only on what you do in the browser window unless they force you to install some software on your and as we mentioned above.  This would then monitor your screen, webcam, and microphone.  If they are proctoring through web conferencing then they generally know if you are sharing your webcam, microphone, and screen as options in the Zoom call for instance.

Does Moodle Track My IP Address In An Exam?

Not with normal exams or quizzes.  They can add an extra module to Moodle to do this but this is not generally done with most sites as there is no real value in it other than knowing which country you are logging in from.  Even if they tracked your IP when you are taking an exam with Virtual Private Networking software you could make it seem like you were anywhere in the world.  They generally only use IP addresses to block access to people or countries. It will keep you anonymous online and also allow you to see new tv shows and movies on streaming media sites like Netflix in multiple countries.

Does Moodle have Proctoring Software?

Yes it does and it uses your webcam to take a photo every 30 seconds and does not monitor your microphone or screen.  It will have to ask for special permissions from your browser when you go to take the exam for this to happen so you will know prior to taking the exam that they will be monitoring you.

Here is the module if you want to read more about it.


So If Moodle Quizzes Are So Easy To Cheat On Why Have Them?

There are two types of assessment when you are attending training and they are formative and summative style exams.  Formative is just a fancy way of saying are you understanding the material as it is being taught.  This lets the teacher know if the training material is ok and if you personally are understanding what is being taught or need more help.

So if you cheat on these little in training material quizzes you are really only cheating yourself.  Because when you get to the final exam that will be most likely proctored (watched) you may not know the answers because you didn’t have time to discuss what you got wrong with your teacher beforehand.

Summative just means your final exam in a course of subject and this one is the final summary of what you have learned.  This is often why the formative quizzes or exams are of a lower mark than the final exam is.  If the overall intent of the training is to learn a new skill you can use, maybe just be honest and then you will know exactly what you need to improve on.

How Could I Beat A Proctored Exam On Moodle?

You could do this by having two computers with dual screens.  The first one you take the exam on with its duplicated monitor facing a friend or group that can see what you are seeing.  The second computer is where a friend or group could research the answer and show it on a monitor facing your direction so you can see the answer.  

You could get more complicated by having the other people and computer in a second room so the sound they make is not recorded on the microphone on your computer.  And show the monitors through a window or just run cables between rooms. This means they record your screen, monitor your webcam and microphone and not know you were cheating unless you keep looking away from the screen.

This just means you can be tricky with where you put the second screen to somewhere you would normally look like the desk or very close to the top or bottom of your other screen.

So How Do Teachers Check For This Style Of Cheating?

The only thing they have to go on if they can not see you cheating on your screen, microphone or webcam is to use special software that watches your eye movement.  If when each question is shown you look to the right they will just assume but can not prove that you are cheating.  

But if they combine that with keyboard typing sounds and nothing appearing on your recorded computer screen they have you.  They can also combine all other types of combinations as well.  And finally they may ask you to have a two direction webcam that sees the whole room but this still means you could run cables and hide a second screen and still beat them.

Here are some other things Moodle can check for:

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Final Thoughts On Cheating On Moodle Exams And Quizzes

If the goal of learning is to gain a skill that you can use to be paid more or complete some type of work cheating on exams both formative and summative as fun and exhilarating as it might be. Remember to use some Virtual Private Networking Software so that you can be covered in case you can get caught. But, it really only hurts you in the long run when your boss asks you to do something you were meant to have studied on a course.

If it is a skill you were learning to do a particular task like building a house then you will have to learn it anyway and waste twice the time or have the house fall on you.  Figuratively speaking or literally.  So just do the exam and don’t be afraid of failure as this is how we know what we don’t know and learn.  Think of an exam of testing your knowledge at that point in time and a reflection of what you still need to work on.  Not a be all and end all.  Life is not like that.

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