Google Classroom Certification: Is It Really Worth It?

Google Classroom is a wonderful tool for teachers to use; it helps make the collection and transfer of data between students and teachers easier. Some people pick up on the tools in this software easier than others and may not think they need to get this certification. So, Google Classroom Certification, is it worth getting?

Getting your Google Classroom Certification is worth the time and effort as it will teach you how to utilize the Google Suite and tools better, which can make your lessons more efficient and help you to gain confidence in using technology in your classroom, making your lessons more engaging.

Getting a Google Classroom Certification will help the teachers immensely but are there any benefits that the students will acquire from having a teacher with this knowledge and qualification? We go through all this and more in this article. 

What The Google Classroom Certification Teaches You

Some schools and teachers out there may be wondering what all the fuss is about around the Google Classroom Certification; this Google course is designed to train teachers in how to use all the tools that Google provides to help improve what they do in the classroom. 

This course provides multiple modules for the teacher to work through, which then leads to an exam that needs to be passed in order to complete the online course. The course is a short one with it only taking in total between 10 and 12 hours to complete the level 1 certificate.

To start this course, you will need a basic understanding of the G Suite that Google has on offer. In this course, you will learn how to create a paperless classroom, collect data and increase feedback loops, increase your digital literacy skill as well as your students, increase the efficiency of your class which saves time, and you will learn how to find answers and support.

All of these skills will help you, as the teacher, become confident in your abilities to use the tools Google provides as well as with digital learning strategies, which will help you to teach your students in a timely fashion with less added stress.

Even if you are very capable and comfortable with using the tools that Google provides, it can still be a good idea to take the course as you can still learn many beneficial shortcuts and how to utilize the tools in ways you never thought of before. 

Why You Should Get Google Classroom Certified

Taking the course and getting your Google Classroom Certification has many different benefits not only for the teacher but for their student as well. Teachers that decide to enroll in this course see a good change in their confidence with utilizing online resources and tend to create a more creative and interactive lesson for their students to engage in and enjoy. 

This Google Classroom Certification was initially designed for classroom teachers; however, it is open for any and all educators to pursue and can be helpful to anyone that needs to conduct a class or lesson online. This allows all forms of educators to gain the benefits of this course which creates a better learning environment for their students.

Let us go through some of the benefits you gain when you go through the course and acquiring your Google Classroom Certification. 

Gain Confidence in Using Technology

Technology can change drastically in a short amount of time, and trying to keep up with the latest and greatest trends and software can be challenging for anyone. You can disregard your age and how long you’ve been teaching; whether it’s been 10 years or 1 year, it is most likely that technology has changed since you graduated as innovation happens really fast in the digital world.

This means that no matter how tech-savvy you think you are, it is nearly impossible to know what technology out there and how much software and tools have changed without you taking some time to refresh your digital skills.

Google, being the innovator that it is, is committed to education as well as sharing tools with teachers, so they offer this Classroom Certification course to teachers as a way for them to keep up to date on new tools that they provide and how to use these tools. 

The more you can learn and understand technology, then the more confidence you will have when you need to start integrating the technology into your classroom; this course is a great way to increase that confidence. 

Teach Students To Use Technology Creatively

One thing that is certain in this world is that no matter the career path you students choose to take, there will most likely be some form of technology involved in it somehow. This is why it is greatly important to incorporate technology into your lessons as a teacher. This will help set your students up for success and helps them to prepare for this reality. 

Apart from this benefit, utilizing technology-based tools can also deepen the understanding and educational experience for your students, as this allows you to better explain complex concepts to them in an easier-to-understand and more creative way.

These technology-based tools can also provide a way for students to express themselves creatively, which is something that can also help to improve their classroom learning experience. Incorporating technology into your lessons will help your students learn the digital side of the world too, which can help them reach success later on in life.

It Makes Your Classroom More Efficient

Getting the Google Classroom Certification teaches you how to use the tools faster and better, and all teachers can agree that time is something that they run out of very quickly. So, if you can learn to use the tools in your lesson faster, then this can help to streamline your lesson more

The more shortcuts you can learn for the software you use in the classroom, then the faster you can get through your subject matter without running out of time; this helps your lessons become more efficient and allows maximum learning time for your students.

You Can Help Students Become Digital Citizens 

As technology develops, evolves, and innovates, it is most defiantly going to be a big part of your future and the future of your students, so educating yourself and staying up to date with different technologies will help you to become a knowledgeable digital citizen and help your students to do the same.

Being a good digital citizen is having the knowledge of how to behave online, as well as how to think critically about what they see and are exposed to online, and to know and understand how to stay safe while they are online.

If you have this knowledge and you can pass this knowledge on to your students, then you can ensure the safety of your students in their future and will help them to become good digital citizens and function well online.

Helps Grow You Professionally

Teachers know that life is a process of continuous learning, but as a teacher, time can be a big issue as they tend to not have much spare time. But a course like this Google Classroom Certification course is a valuable option for educators to brush up on some skills and to learn new things. 

These types of courses are online, which means that you can do them from home and do not have to rush to in-person classes. They can be completed in your own time as well; this allows you to adjust the course to fit your busy schedule better, so you can still study and expand your knowledge without neglecting your usual daily responsibilities.

Having a course like this behind you is a great addition to your resume and show to schools and other teachers that you are more than capable of incorporating technology into your lessons with confidence, so you will not need extra help in this aspect or with the use of any of the technology-based tools that are required for your job.  

Having a course like this can help you to find a job as something like this is becoming a needed skill more and more, so you may be placed on the shortlist for job posts. 

The Google Classroom Certification also has many levels that you can further your studies with, which allows you to increase your knowledge more to help both you and your students understand technology better. 


Do the Google Classroom Certification course can be a good idea for teachers and is well worth the effort as it teaches you how to use the Google Classroom tools more effectively as well as increase your confidence with utilizing technology in your lessons. 

This helps you to save time and helps your lessons become more interactive and fun for your students. As a teacher, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies as this will help you to incorporate student’s interests into your lessons and help you connect with your students more. 

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