How to Record a Live Online Class? In 3 Easy Steps

In this day and age, remote class or work is more common than ever. That means that you can attend your class or do your work from your phone, tablet, computer. When it comes down to recording a live online class from one of these devices, there are some easy ways to do it!

For individuals recording live online classes from their Windows or Mac computers, there are built-in screen recording capabilities that can be used to capture classes. For those recording live online classes from phone or tablet devices, there are also built-in screen recording features that can be used. Third-party software can also provide these features.

No matter where you are or which device you are using to watch your live online class, there’s a way to record it. From Windows computers to Mac devices, from Android to iPhone, you’ll be recording your live online classes in no time! Making class notes or studying for a final has never been easier with these tips and tricks!

Recording a Live Online Class from Your Windows Computer

While many Windows 10 users are not aware of this feature, there is actually a built-in screen recorder. This feature will help you record a live online class directly from your Windows 10 computer, and we’ll show you exactly how to use it!

For those running Windows 8, you will not be able to follow the steps below. However, there are many free programs for earlier versions of Windows that will allow you to record a live online class. One of these is OBS Studio, which is a free, open-source screen recording solution.

Step One: Locate ‘Game Bar’ on Your Windows 10 Device

If you browse through your search menu, search the phrase, or press the Windows key and the G key at the same time, you’ll find ‘Game Bar’ on your device. Once you’ve activated it, you can begin recording your screen.

Step Two: Setting It Up

In your Windows settings, you’ll be able to easily locate a category listed as ‘Gaming.’ The ‘Game Bar’ and ‘Capture’ settings allow you to configure the maximum recording length, where your recordings will be saved, and more. You’ll want to make sure your settings suit your screen recording needs!

Step Three: Recording Your Screen 

From the Game Bar interface, you’ll be able to start a screen recording once you’ve configured your settings appropriately. However, there’s a shortcut that will allow you to capture a screen recording at any time. Simply press the Windows Key, the Alt Key, and the R Key at the same time to begin your recording.

Once you’re done recording, you’ll be able to access it in the folder you designated for your recordings while setting up this feature. If you can’t locate it, simply head into your Settings app and open the Gaming section. From there, you’ll see another subsection titled ‘Captures,’ where you’ll be able to navigate to your recordings.

Recording a Live Online Class from Your Mac Computer

Most Mac OS users are aware that there are keyboard shortcuts to take screenshots. (For those who don’t: pressing Shift, Command, and 3 at the same time will take a screenshot of your entire screen. Pressing Shift, Command, and 4 at the same time allows you to select what you wish to screenshot.) However, not as many Mac OS users are aware that your devices have built-in screen recording capabilities! This is how to screen record on your Mac device.

Step One: Download This Free Audio Extension


 The ‘Loopback’ extension is a free plugin that will allow you to record your screen with sound. This will come in handy when recording live online classes! Their website explains the simple plugin install.

Once you’ve installed it and you want to use it, you’ll need to change your system Sound Output while you screen record. This can be done in System Preferences by navigating to sound or clicking on the audio icon at the top of your screen and selecting ‘Loopback’ from the output list.

Step Two: Open the Screen You Want to Record

The media or program you wish to record will need to be open on your computer. If you’re recording a live online class, make sure this is open on your screen.

Step Three: Open ‘QuickTime Player’

QuickTime Player is the default media player in the Mac operating system. This can be opened from the Applications folder or Launchpad. Once you’ve opened ‘QuickTime,’ no media player will open, but the taskbar at the top will now read ‘QuickTime Player’ and you’ll be able to see your online class.

At the top of your screen, click on ‘File’, then click navigate to ‘New Screen Recording’. This can also be accessed by pressing Shift, Command, and 5. From the panel that appears at the bottom of the screen, you’ll be able to select which part of your screen to record.

Once you’ve selected either your whole screen or a portion of it to be recorded, there’s one more thing to do. By clicking on ‘Options’, you’ll be able to select your sound output to be recorded. Make sure ‘Looper’ is selected. You can now record your live online class on your Mac device! By default, your recordings will appear on your desktop.

Recording a Live Online Class from Your Phone

Recording a Live Online Class from Your iPhone

If your iPhone, iPod, or iPad is running iOS 11 or later, you can record an online class with video and audio right from your phone without installing any software in three easy steps. If your iOS device is running an earlier operating system, you can use the Dr. Fone Wondershare app.

Step One: Add ‘Screen Recorder’ to Control Center

In your Control Center settings, you can easily add the ‘Screen Recorder’ feature to your phone’s control center for easy access.

Step Two: Open Control Center to Access Screen Recorder

Once you’ve added this built-in feature to your Control Center, you can toggle video recordings directly from there. Simply tap the Screen Recorder icon when you’re ready to record your live online class and let it run.

Step Three: Re-watching Your Live Online Class

Once you stop your recording, you’ll be able to locate it in your device’s gallery. You now have a complete recording of your class!

Recording a Live Online Class from Your Android Phone

If your Android device is running Android 10 or later, you’ll be able to record your live online class using a built-in screen-recorder in three easy steps.

However, if your phone is running an earlier version of Android, you’ll be able to record your class from any Android device using the free ADV Screen Recorder App, which supports Android 5 devices and later.

Step One: Open Quick Settings Tab to Locate Screen Recorder

From your Android’ devices Quick Settings tab, you’ll find the screen recording functionality. This can also be located in the main Settings app of your device.

Step Two: Set Up the Screen Recorder

The first time you use this nifty built-in feature, you’ll need to provide the relevant permissions. You will also be able to toggle the sound settings for your recording. To record a live online class from your device, you’ll want to ensure that the recording captures media sounds.

Step Three: Record Your Class

By accessing this feature from your Quick View Settings, you’ll be able to record any class right from your Android device. When you’re finished, you’ll be able to locate your recording in your device’s gallery.


In the age of staying home to stay safe, our daily lives have changed. Classes can now happen live and online instead of in-person – and from almost any device. It doesn’t matter if you’re watching your lesson on your computer at home or on your portable tablet or phone while away from home; there’s a way for you to record your online class while it’s happening. Regardless of whether you’re using a device running a Windows, Mac OS, iOS, or Android operating system, there’s a built-in way for you to record your lesson, in addition to third-party app options.



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