About Me

General Background

My name is Glen Brown and I am a passionate advocate for technology in education and have been working in the industry for over 20 years.  After establishing solid experience in IT as a software developer I then moved to delivering technical training.  While still working full time in IT I was delivering part time Web Development training at a University.  Leveraging off this experience I then started working for a Fortune 500 global company as a State Technical Training Manager.  I was then was promoted to the National Training & Development Manager for Australia and then finally to the Asia Pacific Technical Training Manager.  I am now an Entrepreneur and Contract IT Trainer while slowly travelling the world.

Former Roles

  • APAC Technical Training Manager
  • National Training and Development Manager
  • Educational Services Manager
  • Senior IT Consultant
  • Software Developer

Scope of Training Delivery

I have personally delivered training to most of the worlds major Industrial and Information Technology companies. I have taught a wide range of people including Engineers, IT staff and Management. I have personally taught thousands of students as well as run hundreds of classes.  I have led a team of technical trainers and content developers for both online and in classroom training for many years.  I understand the challenges of teaching in the classroom and how this translates to delivering training online.

Some of the Companies I Have Taught

ISRONestleToyotaExxon Mobil
WoolworthsRio TintoSchneider ElectricOracle


  • Masters in Digital Leadership (Completing 2024)
  • Masters in IT Leadership
  • Graduate Diploma in Management (Learning)
  • Graduate Certification in Educational Design
  • Graduate Certificate in IT and Strategic Management
  • Graduate Certificate in IT Leadership
  • Graduate Certificate in Career Development Practice
  • Bachelor in Adult and Vocational Education
  • Diploma in Training & Assessment Systems
  • Diploma in Business
  • Diploma in Software Development
  • Certificate in Training and Assessment (Multiple times for currency)

Related Vendor Courses and Certifications

  • Madcap Flare Training
  • Articulate Storyline Training

This is a list of the relevant vendor certifications only and a full list can be found on my Linked In profile below.

LINK: Glen Brown’s LinkedIn Profile