Recommended Tools

This page has links to all the important tools and resources you need to get started teaching online.  This list of tools has been broken down by category to make it easy for you to use.  All of the tools below I have used and most I continue to use for certain tasks when teaching online.  I update this page regularly as the industry changes so bookmark the page and check back every now and then.

Screen Capture Tools

When you are creating static content for E-Learning or an online training manual or help document you must have a image capture tool.


I have used green shot for many years and it is a very useful open source (free to use) tool and well worth trying out to include on your computer as part of your standard tools.  It has all the basic functionality that I look for.


This is a tool from Techsmith that is what I use when I want to not only take a screenshot but do some post production on it as well.  Once a screen image is taken it then loads up its graphics editor for you to make changes and add extra effects to your image.  I love this tool as it integrates seemlessly into Camtasia below and togther them make a great toolset for creating online video content.  If I am working for a client this bundle of tools is what I use and if you purchase Camtasia below they will often send you a discount for SnagIt as well.

Screen Casting Tools

Screen capture tools allow you to record what you are doing on your computer screen as a Tutorial or a “How To”


Cam Studio is an open source software tool that you can download for free.  While not as intuitive as some of the other tools it does allow you to record your screen for use in your E-Learning or for posting to YouTube or other video sharing platforms.  It does not allow you to do any post production on your video and you will need another tool to do this.

Techsmith Camtasia

Camtasia by Techsmith is a paid for product but is one of the cheapest on the market and not only lets you record your screen but also allows you to do full audio and video pre and post production and is the go to tool for creating screen tutorials by the industry. 

With each version they get better and better with the latest release providing a free graphics library.  It has links to the tutorials on how to use it inside the product and is the one I love to use for my video content.  If you are serious about making money online with E-Learning this is a great tool.

E-Learning Authoring Tools

These tools can be used to create either full E-Learning packages.  Often you will use the last two categories to create content that you will then bundle together using these tools.  They can put the E-Learning out in may formats that are ready to be loaded to a Learning Management System, Website or Streaming Media Platform.

Active Presenter

This tool is the up and coming tool in the market so you will get it cheaper than the following tool and is currently my favorite as it does exactly what I want without being to complicated.  As well as allowing you to create screen casts of your desktop it also have full timeline and audio and video control.  It also will allow you to put your content out to HTML5 format.  It has a free trial version that is not limited by time and then you can unlock the rest of the features after you get to know the product.  An excellent entry level tool that I recommend.

Articulate – Storyline 3 / Storyline 360

The current market leader in E-Learning package creation software but also with the extra featues comes a large cost as well.  I have attended their training and have used it for creating E-Learning as well for me and a team of trainers and developers.  It is easy to use and with the release of their 360 product they included a library of stock images and characters.

CMS & LMS Hosting

If you are going to host your own website whether it is a custom made website or a CMS or LMS then you will need to host it somewhere. Hosting is like giving your website somewhere to live online with a company that has their servers always accessible online for people to visit your website.

This is great for a starter website and if you are wanting to get up and running quickly with a test website this is where you can start.

Blue Host

I have personally tried many web hosts over the years and I have found BlueHost to the most reliable.  The server lag is low and the support chat is monitored 24 hours a day and they are quick to respond.  I like using the support chat over calling as it allows me to multi-task while I am waiting on them to review the issue for me.  The host a lot of Content Management Systems and also have a single click installer for Word Press and an easy to use Dashboard. It is who I host this website and all my websites with.

Graphics Editing Software

If you are editing your 2D graphics or simply doing some photo editing here are some tools that will help you out.

Coral Draw Graphics Suite

While you can buy each of the tools in this suite seperately this is the best value for money paid graphics editing package on the market and has been around for an extremely long time so they know their stuff.  Whether you are wanting to make a logo or simple graphic or edit a photo or do some video editing they have all the tools you could want.

Adobe Creative Cloud

The current industry leader in 2D graphics package and now with a Cloud version that allows you to pay yearly or per month for the whole suite or the select tools that you require.  We mention the appropriate tools from Adobe throughout our articles and with such a large offering you need to know what you are attempting to do prior to selecting your products and packages from them.


This open source package is good for the hobiest or someone wanting a free entry point product that has all the core features but not the tools that really save you time that Adobe and Corel have that speed up the tasks you ware trying to do.  Also being an open source product it does not come with a support contract that allows you to quickly solve any issue you may have.



Logitech C930e

With inbuilt noise cancelling as well as green screen and a much better light balance and focus this is my best pick. This will do everything you need for video conferencing, screen casting and web conferencing. It has an adjustable laptop click as well as a stand screw hole if you wish to mount it on a standard camera stand.


Rhode NT USB

This microphone as well as great sound quality and simple on microphone controls is also USB plug based to work well with your computer or laptop. It also includes a pop shield and stand. The cable is nice and long so reaching the back of your computer won’t be a problem. It has noise cancelling and heaps of special effects.

Freelancing Websites


If you are after some cheap graphics or a quick job done on your LMS then this is the place to go. Keep in mind you will spend a little time searching for the right person to help you. When you do find someone you trust you can keep using them for your work from then on.


Similar to Fiverr but more expensive you will find people to help you out with all your eLearning, LMS and teaching online issues. The Upwork website is USA based just like Fiverr but is aimed at bigger jobs so you can go there if you need larger work done.

Premium Ad Brokers


If you choose to monetize your online training with ads then you can start with google Adsense with next to no traffic but you the Revenue Per 1000 page views can be quite low. Once you have around 10,000 page views per month you can think about using a premium ad brokers.

The one I would recommend to get started is Ezoic as they use machine learning to ensure your website ad placement and revenue is maximized. Depending on your training area you can increase your ad revenue by 5 to 10 times in most cases by using premium ad brokers.

While there are no guarantees dollars per 1000 page views as a lot of factors come into play. But that being said you should look at moving to a premium ad broker and trialing them for your niche as soon as you meet the entry requirements. They get the first pick of the best paying ads on googles ad networks and the rest ends up in Adsense.