Can I Submit After the Due Date in Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is one of the most popular online education platforms, leading many students to ask how exactly it works. Are you using Google Classroom and want to know if you can submit after the due date? This article will explain if you can and what else you can do from somebody with years of experience in online learning.

You can submit work after the due date in Google Classroom. However, any work submitted will be recorded as late, and your teacher or professor will be sent a notification of this. Submitting work late can also have other consequences like a percentage drop in marks.

Read on to learn how to submit work after the due date on Google Classroom and how the platform will handle it. Also, in this article, we’ll look at the consequences of submitting late work and how to prevent your work from being late. This article will also explain if you can resubmit an assignment or retake quizzes on Google Classroom.

How Does Google Classroom Manage Late Work?

On Google Classroom, you can submit work normally even after the due date. This is true for both assignments in document format as well as online tests. Fortunately, nothing stops you from actually submitting the work itself, no matter how late it is. There are, however, other consequences.

If you submit your work after the due date, Google Classroom will flag it as late. Both you and your teacher or professor can see this flag on the platform. It isn’t possible to submit late and not have the work flagged. Each assignment is created with a specific due date beforehand.

Furthermore, Google Classroom also notifies your teacher if any work is submitted lateThis notification is sent both by text and by email, so there’s no possibility that your teacher will forget about your late work by accident and just mark it normally. If your work is late, your teacher is going to know about it.

Consequences of Submitting Work After the Due Date

The first significant consequence of submitting work after the due date is a percentage drop in marks. Most institutions accept late work but give a marking penalty that increases the longer the work is overdue. If your work is too late, it might not even be marked at all, and you’ll fail.

Another consequence of submitting work late is letting down your class. Especially with group projects, students are obliged to cooperate, do their tasks correctly, and submit it on time. If you submit your part of a group project late, you risk landing other students with a bad mark, too.

Also, depending on your institution, you could even receive disciplinary action for failing to submit your work on time. Similarly, suppose it is an exam assignment. In that case, you might be failed outright for not completing it in its set time period.

Your teacher will probably give you a lower mark for late work, but this is still better than no mark at all. As such, it’s always better to submit late than never. You still did the work, and you still deserve some reward for doing it, even if it isn’t the full one.

How to Prevent Your Work from Being Submitted Late

Of course, the best idea is to submit the work on time. The best cure, after all, is the prevention of the problem in the first place. Because of this, it is often wiser to submit lower quality work on time than spent too long doing better work only for it to be late. The ensuing percentage drop will mean you’ll lose more marks anyway and you’ll have to work for longer too.

1. Create a Schedule to Manage Your Time Properly

You can also draw up a schedule. This will help you to manage your time better, so you won’t end up forgetting about your work or having to due it the date its due or, worse yet, after that. Setting the alarm can remind you to submit your work on time as well.

Another idea is to plan out your work manually. Look at the questions and try to figure out how long they’ll take you to do. That way, you’ll know how long you’ll spend working on getting a good mark and submitting before the due date.

If you don’t like doing the schedule yourself, fortunately, many online tools and apps can help you with that. Use your phone’s calendar app as a start, or otherwise, check out Toggl Track, Timely, and MyLifeOrganized for affordable ways to manage your time and plan more effectively.

2. Prepare for Unwelcome Surprises

If you don’t have a reliable connection at home, make sure to submit your work where there is good internet. There’s nothing worse than finishing your task only to discover there’s a blackout or your computer has crashed, or the Wi-Fi is down, and you have no data left. If this is an issue, try and submit it at a public library or your friend or family member’s house.

Similarly, it’s always a shock to realize you’ve been an assignment or quiz that looks impossible to do correctly. As long as you don’t cheat, there’s no shame in asking for help or advice. It’s always better than sitting alone and winding up with late work.

As such, be sure to communicate with the other students and your teacher. Make sure you understand what the questions are. Keep on top of your work and study in a way that works for you so you won’t be completely lost when you are given a challenging piece of work.

If all else fails, just admit your mistake. Manually notify your teacher about the late work and apologize by sending an email. Also, attach a private comment to the work itself when you submit it on Google Classroom. If you have an excuse, mention it too. Doing so might give you a chance for your work to be treated like the rest.

Can Assignments be Resubmitted on Google Classroom?

You can resubmit your assignments on Google Classroom without any issues. You can even unsubmit your work to edit it before it is due with no penalties or repercussions when you submit it again.

However, it will still be flagged as late if you resubmit an assignment after the due date. Also, some teachers will forbid you to resubmit an assignment after the due date. It would be best if you weren’t editing it after it should have been finished anyhow.

Can You Retake a Quiz on Google Classroom?

Usually you cannot retake a quiz on Google Classroom once it has been marked. Many teachers might also only allow you to take a quiz once even before they mark it too. As such, check your institution’s rules on examinations before this becomes a problem.

However, if you contact your teacher with a legitimate excuse, they might clear your grade for you so that you can take the quiz again or they might allow you to retake it when you otherwise couldn’t have.


Fortunately, you can submit work after the due date on Google Classroom. This isn’t a get-out-of-jail-free card, though. Google Classroom will flag your work as late and notify your teacher. You will probably also lose a percentage of your marks for submitting late work.

This doesn’t mean your situation is hopeless, though. By planning your work schedule well and managing your time correctly, you can usually get around submitting work late. Likewise, stay on your teacher’s good side so that you can give a legitimate excuse if you have to submit work after the due date.

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