Which Online Courses Are In Demand?

Taking or creating an online course can be an exciting adventure for anyone, but choosing the right course for you can be a stressful endeavor. You want to take a course that is in high demand so you can use your new knowledge in as many ways as possible in both your professional and personal life. So, which online courses are in demand? 

There are many different online courses that are in high demand; these include Photography, Photoshop, Graphic Design, and Video Editing. These courses are some of the highest in demand for both students and teachers, as they can be used for multiple different aspects of business and personal lives.  

What are these courses about, and are they difficult to do both from a learner’s side and a course creator’s side? Where can you find these courses or upload your own? We go through all this in this article. 

Courses That Are In Demand

Whether you are looking for a topic to make a course about or you are looking to up your resume with a few certificates to help you get a job, knowing what courses out there have the most demand is crucial for you. 

If you are wanting to make a new course, when you need to know what people are looking to do and what they seem to be interested in the most and then you can create a very profitable course around those topics. 

If you are looking to buff up your resume a bit to make yourself stand out more in your job application, then you need to know what courses have the most demand in the working field, so you can pick one that will make you a more desirable candidate for the job in question.  

No matter your reasoning, you need to find a course topic that is in high demand to help you in your endeavors. 

The ensuing courses are just a few of the most popular courses for both course makers and course seekers that you may find interesting and enjoy doing. 


Photography is a prevalent course topic, with thousands of people signing up for one or more courses around various photography aspects every day. And there are loads of different aspects to photography that are in multiple different courses. There is portrait photography, landscape photography, and specialized photography. 

If you are wanting to create a course and you know photography, then this is one of the best options for the topic of your course as there are people who want to get into photography full-time as well as people who just want to dabble in it as a hobby, but this means that you can cater to both. 

If you are trying to buff up your resume, then photography is a good thing to study; you can go for a photography course that is connected to your other qualifications. If you work or want to work in retail, you can go for a product photography course, for example.  

Photography is also a fun and valuable skill to add to your arsenal that can be used in your daily life too.  


Photoshop is software that is used to enhance photos and make them look better or have a specific style. This is a great tool to know how to use, and not only for photographers either. Having this skill can help you get into a creative team as photoshop is also used by graphic designers and other creative jobs.

If you are creating a course, then showing people how to use photoshop quickly and effectively can be a profitable course to make as you are not only making a course relevant to photographers of all levels but for other creative fields too. 

Making a course around photoshop will give you a broader client basis as many people want to go through this popular subject.

If you are doing it to add something to your resume, them doing a course on photoshop is an excellent option as this skill can be used in many different employment options, from working in a photography studio or working in Graphic Design to working on website development. 

Knowing how to use photoshop software is a great skill to have, and it is a skill that many people are after as it can be applied in many different situations. 

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is one of the most popular courses that people are doing, and for a good reason too. Graphic Design can be applied to all aspects of brand creation and marketing, from logo design to website development and brand identity; graphic Design is a part of it all. 

If you are making a course, then Graphic Design can be a good topic to cover; however, because there are so many aspects to this topic, it can be a complex subject to cover. You may need to make multiple courses or modules to cover everything involving Graphic Design which can be time-consuming and will require patience. 

If you are seeking a good course to do that can help you get hired, then a Graphic design course is a good way to go as employers are always looking for someone who can help with revamping their brand identity and help with product designs and label designs and social media marketing. 

Graphic Design will help you to fill all these design needs for a business. However, you may need to do multiple courses to expand your knowledge on every aspect that goes into Graphic Design. 

Video Editing

Video editing is an enjoyable topic to both teach and learn; it can be a bit of a complex topic as there are so many different types of video editing software out there and finding the one that you are comfortable with using can take some time. And there are also so many different styles of video editing and so much knowledge that you need to know to become a skillful video editor. 

However, this should not dissuade you from taking up video editing as it is a fun and interesting topic to work through, and it can be applied in many industries, too, as everyone needs advertising.

If you are wanting to create a good and profitable course, then video editing can be an excellent course to make as there are many people who what to do these courses either for employment reasons or for fun and personal reasons. 

You will need to make different modules for your course if you are teaching video editing as there is a lot that the student needs to know in order to do this well. 

However, there are so many people looking to do a course like this; you can cater to people with YouTube channels and people who have businesses that they want to advertise but cannot get a professional and people who just want to edit a video together about their family’s vacation.

If you want to do a course that can help you get a job, then video editing is a good one to do; you will need to go through multiple courses to get yourself up to scratch, but it is a fun topic to go through, and the ability to watch a video that you have made at the end is a great sense of accomplishment. 

Where You Can Take These Courses

There are some trusted online study centers that you can look at if you want to do any of the courses mentioned above. These places offer online learning as you can take your time and go through your courses when your schedule allows. 

Some of these online platforms also allow you to create an account and upload your own course to the website for people to buy. 

These platforms include Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera, CreativeLive, and edX


These are only some of the few courses that are in high demand for both course creators and course buyers; there are many more out there that you can choose from if these few are not what you are interested in. 

All of these courses mentioned above are really fun to do and can be done just as a relaxing hobby or for professional purposes too. They can range from easy to intermediate and all the way to professional level classes, so it doesn’t matter how knowledgeable you are; you will always find something to learn.






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